Truck Accidents


Everyday fatigued, overloaded, unqualified or speeding truck drivers are involved in accidents on Florida interstates, highways and back roads. Accidents involving major trucks, including tractor-trailers, dump trucks, cement trucks and other major construction vehicles can lead to serious injury, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, back and spinal injuries, and even death. Truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors, but almost all truck accidents include multiple vehicles and often involve fatalities. Truck drivers are frequently the cause of endangerment on the road—they knowingly drive unsafe, negligently maintained, or overloaded vehicles, in addition to driving longer hours than is allowed, leaving them fatigued, tired and prone to run off the road or into oncoming traffic. Truck drivers’ decisions to ignore the rules put everyone else on the road in great dangers as their trucks weigh almost twenty times the weight of an average car.

Truck companies owe a duty of care to passengers on the road and they are expected to put safe and well-maintained vehicles out on the road, driven by well-rested, trained and competent truck drivers. When companies breach this duty of care to other drivers, they become liable for the consequences of their truck drivers’ actions. South Florida is consistently listed as one of the areas with the highest number of trucking accidents. If you have been involved in an accident with a truck, call the Miami truck accident lawyers at Friedland | Carmona today! The attorneys at Friedland | Carmona will review the facts of your accident to determine if the trucking companies have breached their duty of care and will advise you as to the next steps to take.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a truck, you are entitled to recover compensation for your medical expenses, future and lost wages, pain and suffering and any scarring or disfigurement caused by the accident. Often, insurance companies do their best to avoid payment or offer a settlement that is far less than what you deserve. It is important that you consult with a qualified attorney before speaking to any insurance company because the insurance company will often use your words against you in an attempt to force you to accept a settlement that is less than what you deserve. The Miami injury attorneys at Friedland | Carmona have experience dealing with insurance companies and recovering substantial compensation for their clients. You shouldn’t suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The Florida truck attorneys at Friedland | Carmona are expert Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorneys who can assist you in making this difficult process easier by working diligently to obtain the recovery you deserve. Jonathan R. Friedland has won multiple verdicts and settlements in the Florida Courts, both State and Federal, for thousands of motor vehicle accident victims. These verdicts and settlements include multiple million-dollar recoveries. In one particular case, Mr. Friedland was able to reach a multi-million dollar settlement with a defendant insurance company. Plaintiff, a widowed mother of five, lost her husband in a car accident and the defendant insurance company refused to deal with Plaintiff in “good faith.” As a result of the multi-million dollar recovery, Plaintiff is able to provide future education for all of her five children and future care for her three adopted special needs children.

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