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Workers' Compensation


Employers are required to maintain safe working conditions for their employees. As an employee or worker you should not suffer any setbacks to your quality of life or lose any income simply because you sustained an injury while at work. Some industries are more accident-prone and their employees suffer more serious injuries such as construction sites, for example. However, the simple fact that the profession is dangerous does not mean that employers are exempt from providing a safe working environment or at least limiting the amount of danger involved in their work environment.

Florida law protects workers by requiring almost all employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance, which provides certain benefits to workers who become injured, disabled or even deceased in an accident during the course of their employment. Most employers who employ more than four full or part time employees are required to carry worker’s compensation, which for all practical purposes, cover all workers. Worker’s compensation benefits may include temporary total disability benefits while you are unable to work, payment of your medical bills, permanent partial disability benefits or total disability benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits do not take fault into account; therefore, worker’s compensation beneficiaries are not entitled to recover for any pain and suffering.

When you are injured at work you should receive treatment for all of your injuries—not just the ones the insurance company wants to accept. The Miami worker’s compensation attorneys at Friedland | Carmona can provide you or an injured family member with the necessary expertise to make the right choices to ensure that you receive the best medical care, benefits and income. The attorneys at Friedland | Carmona will work hard to help you receive not just medical benefits but income benefits as well. Often, the insurance carriers do not want to pay you what you are owed. Your employer may harass you into returning to work before your doctor gives you approval to return or may argue about the facts causing the injury in an attempt to avoid paying for your injuries. The attorneys at Friedland | Carmona are experienced insurance litigation attorneys who can work to end your employer’s harassment and ensure that the insurance company pays what is owed to you.

Work related accidents can include:

  • Construction site accidents —falls from high attitudes, trips over debris on the ground and injuries resulting from machinery use are all considered worker’s compensation claims.
  • Automobile accidents —running errands for your employer or delivering work related items can be grounds for a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Truck accidents —if you are a truck driver who suffered injuries in an accident and the accident occurred while you were clocked into work, your injuries can be covered by worker’s compensation.

While you are injured, it is important that you have a good doctor who is looking out for your personal interests, as opposed to a doctor who is trying to maintain a good relationship with the insurance company and fails to provide you with all the necessary services in an effort to keep the bills at a minimum for the insurance company. Further, if you are a surviving spouse to a worker who died as a result of a work injury you and your children may be entitled to benefits that the insurance company does not want to pay you. The Fort Lauderdale worker’s compensation attorneys at Friedland | Carmona will work to ensure you receive the care and benefits you deserve.

If you or anyone you know has suffered injuries during the course of work, please contact the lawyers at Friedland | Carmona to assist you in obtaining to money you deserve for lost wages and medical expenses. It is important that you have the right attorneys handling your case.

Call Friedland | Carmona at 305-661-2008 or fill out the contact information to your left to receive your FREE consultation; Mr. Friedland will meet with you and your family to discuss your options and advise you as to what actions need to be taken. Many victims never get the settlement they deserve because they are unsure if they have a claim. Don’t hesitate—Contact the Broward worker’s compensation attorneys at Friedland | Carmona today! Let our family take care of your family!