$4 Million- Automobile Accident

Plaintiffs were heading south on U.S. 1 in Islamorada, Florida Keys, when the driver of a pick–up truck owned by the defendant crossed the center line, striking the plaintiff's car, spinning it around and striking another car head on. Plaintiff spent three months at Jackson Memorial Hospital with heart and head injuries. Case was settled for $4 million.

$2.5 Million- Automobile Accident (Bad Faith versus Insurance Company)

Plaintiff was a widow with five children, three of whom were adopted as special needs foster children. Her husband was killed in a car accident and action was brought against the driver and his insurance company. Multi-million dollar award secured against driver's insurance company for failure to deal with the plaintiff in "good faith". Family and children will now be provided future education and special needs.

$1.1 Million- Automobile Accident (Maximum Policy Limits)

Plaintiff was driving his work truck, making a legal left turn, when he was hit by two oncoming cars who were allegedly drag racing, and hit the truck at such high speeds that it flipped our client's vehicle over. Our office's team of investigators were able to secure video footage of the actual accident from the surveillance videos from the surrounding condominium buildings and several statements from independent witnesses in order to prove our case. Plaintiff spent several months in the hospital with several serious injuries, including fractures of his spine, pelvis, and ribs, as well as internal bleeding resulting in multiple surgeries. Case was settled with various insurance companies for the maximum policy limits of insurance of $1.1 million.

$900,000.00- Medical Malpractice- Jury Verdict

Plaintiff sued defendants, two doctors and a hospital, for medical malpractice. Case resulted in a jury award of $900,000, the tenth largest jury award in Miami–Dade County in the year 2000.

$875,000.00- Negligent Security/Premises Liability

Deceased was a 23 year old female who was kidnapped, shot and died after leaving her office complex in August 2009. She was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and the office complex knew of prior incidents involving him. Our firm argued that the apartment complex failed to provide security that would deter such violent activity on its property. Property owners also failed to address prior warnings from employees about crime occurring on the property. The father of Ms. Duval received a $875,000 settlement from the property owners.

$500,000.00- Automobile Accident

Plaintiff was struck by a car and suffered injuries to his pelvis, which required surgery. Case settled before trial for $500,000.

$425,000.00- Slip and Fall

Plaintiff slipped and fell while at a restaurant while making a linen delivery due to the poorly maintained kitchen tile and suffered severe back injuries that required several surgeries. Case settled for $425,000.00 prior to trial after our office was able to secure multiple prior violations from the Broward County Public Health officials involving their kitchen floor.

$400,000.00- Slip and Fall

Plaintiff slipped and fell while walking down a poorly maintained stairway and suffered severe ankle injuries that required several surgeries. Case settled for $400,000.00 after our office was able to secure prior incidents involving the same stairway.

$394,206.00- Slip and Fall- Jury Verdict:

(Fuentes v. Wal-Mart Stores Case No. 11-18376 CA 20)

Ms. Fuentes slipped on water that had leaked out of another Wal-Mart customer’s cart from a 5 gallon water bottle and suffered severe knee, shoulder and ankle injuries that required surgery. At court, it was proved that Wal-Mart knew of the spill and did nothing to remedy the situation. A Miami-Dade jury awarded Plaintiff $492,758 for her injuries but the verdict was reduced after the jury found Wal-Mart 80 percent negligent and Ms. Fuentes 20% negligent.

$300,000.00- Slip and Fall at Grocery Store

Plaintiff was shopping at a grocery store when she slipped and fell due to a leaking refrigerator. She landed directly on her knee which caused her a patellar fracture. She ended up having several surgeries as a result of the incident. After taking depositions of several employees and independent witnesses, the grocery store decided to admit liability at the eve of trial and the case settled for $300,000.00.

$300,000.00- Merchandise Fell On Customer’s Head

Plaintiff was shopping at retail store when a large merchandise fell off the shelf and hit customer on the head. Our client received several injections and was recommended back surgery as result of this accident. Case settled at mediation for $300,000.00.

$262,500.00- Premises Liability

Plaintiff claimed she slipped and fell on a greasy substance at the defendant's hotel, resulting in injuries to her lower back and knee that required surgery. Case settled at mediation for $262,500.00.

$250,000.00- Nursing Home Negligence

Plaintiff claimed defendant improperly cared for decubitus ulcers developed by relative while she was a patient at the nursing home, resulting in her death. Case settled at mediation for $250,000.

$250,000.00- Premises Liability

Plaintiff claimed she slipped and fell on an oily substance at the defendant's store, resulting in injuries to her lower back that required surgery. Case settled before trial for $250,000.

$235,000.00- Automobile Accident (Bad Faith Claim)

Plaintiff was an elder passenger when she was involved in an automobile accident and suffered injuries to her tibia which required an open reduction internal fixation of her right medial tibial plateau. The Defendant only had $100,000.00 of automobile insurance which the insurance company failed to offer prior to the filing of a lawsuit. Our firm aggressively represented client and were able to settle the case at the eve of trial for $235,000.00 which was more than the insurance policy.

$225,000.00- Product Liability

Plaintiff received a partial left knee prosthetic device. Plaintiff alleged that the device broke apart inside his knee, requiring removal of the device and total knee replacement 18 months after the initial surgery, rather than eight to ten years later. After the jury returned its verdict, this case set the standard nationally for the value of similar cases filed all over the USA; Miami Federal Jury awarded the plaintiff $225,000.

Confidential Settlement- Slip and Fall, Premises Liability

Plaintiff, a security guard hired by defendant, was on duty on the premises when he tripped over a carpet that was loose on the edge while investigating an incident. He suffered torn cartilage in wrist and knee, both of which required surgery. A Miami jury awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars for economic and non–economic damages.

50+ Successful Jury Verdicts in PIP Cases (Insurance Disputes over Medical Bills)

Jonathan R. Friedland has successfully tried and won over 30 PIP cases. Our office has represented hundreds of clients and medical providers against various auto insurance companies. Jury awarded compensation to all clients including payment of attorney fees.

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