Metrorail Accidents

The Miami Metrorail is an extremely beneficial form of public transportation and serves to connect many different communities together. The Miami Metrorail has twenty-three stations and runs for almost twenty-five miles, connecting Hialeah and Medley with Brickell, the Miami International Airport, Downtown Miami and the Civic Center, as well as everything in between. Every day, millions of South Florida residents and visitors take advantage of the Metrorail. While catastrophic train collisions and derailments have been rare, the number of smaller-scale accidents has been increasing. While considered “smaller-scale” than catastrophic incidents, these accidents have resulted in serious injuries and even death. Recently, a Miami Metrorail worker was killed while walking on the tracks after parking his train.

A crash is not the only type of incident that merits a claim. Other accidents that cause injury include:

  • The sudden stop of a train, causing passengers to suffer from extreme impact and suffer head injuries, back injuries, and broke bones, among other injuries
  • A slip or trip and fall on a defective or poorly maintained platform in a rail station
  • A train-train, train-automobile, train-truck, or train-pedestrian collision
  • Derailment

Most Metrorail accidents are the result of inadequate maintenance, equipment failure and signal malfunctions, among other causes. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Metrorail crash that is caused by the driver’s reckless or negligent conduct, you have the right to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. The Miami Metrorail lawyers at Friedland | Carmona will carefully investigate the case to determine which carrier is responsible for your injuries or your loved one’s death. Many passengers believe they are unable to file a claim against a government entity, but that is simply not true. The Miami personal injury lawyers have recovered substantial settlements from a number of government agencies.

As a carrier, the Miami Metrorail is expected to provide safe transportation to the public and to take all necessary safety precautions to avoid an accident. Florida law imposes very strict statute of limitations for claims against government entities, such as the Miami Dade-Transit, which operates the Metrorail. Therefore, it is important that you contact the Miami Metrorail accident lawyers at the Friedland | Carmona as soon as possible. As a train accident victim, you have the right to recover compensation for your injuries, including compensation to cover medical expenses, past and future lost wages and pain and suffering. Friedland | Carmona has been practicing personal injury law in South Florida for over twenty years and has a track record of success. The Miami personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on their clients’ behalf because they are zealous advocates. The Coral Gables Metrorail accident lawyers will work diligently to obtain your recovery from the insurance companies and government agencies.

Many victims never realize they have a personal injury claim because they do not contact a personal injury lawyer. Do not let this happen to you! Call Friedland | Carmona at 305-661-2008 to schedule your free consultation today! The attorneys will meet with you to discuss your options. Contact the Hialeah Metrorail accident lawyers at Friedland | Carmona today and let our family take care of your family!