Helicopter Crash

In today’s society, air travel has become a necessary mode of transportation. While both commercial and private aircraft are used on a daily basis, there are major differences between the two. Private airplanes crash much more often and helicopters have the highest fatality rate of any type of aircraft. When a commercial plane crashes, investigators are typically able to pinpoint the cause of the problem with the use of the black box. However, helicopters and other private planes do not typically have a black box. Private aircrafts, such as helicopters, are under much looser safety, maintenance and certification regulations that commercial aircrafts. Helicopter accident injuries can range from broken bones to disfigurement and scarring to even death.

According the National Transportation Safety Board, most helicopter accidents occur “when helicopters are engaged in maneuvers that are unique to their capabilities, such as hovering or carrying external loads.” Helicopter crash investigators must determine how and why the accident began; these determinations are central to determine the cause, parties and factors involved in a helicopter crash. Further, helicopters are used in more dangerous situations, where small planes are unable to fly, such as flying out to oil rigs, flying close to the ground near electrical wires and hovering in rescue situations. These situations make an accident more probable. Pilots need to be well trained to handle all dangerous scenarios to lessen their chances of being involved in a helicopter crash. An unlicensed or inexperienced pilot puts every passenger at risk and can become liable for any injuries result from his reckless or negligent piloting.

Helicopter accidents are emotionally wrenching events for everyone involved. Helicopter accidents typically involve death and life threatening injuries. Families of victims have a short period of time to file a lawsuit for the accidents. If you or your loved one has been injured in a helicopter crash, it is important to contact an experienced helicopter accident lawyer as soon as possible to help. The helicopter accident lawyers at Friedland | Carmona will deal the insurance companies so that you do not have to. Often, immediately following an aviation accident, the insurance companies will make an extremely low settlement offer in an effort to close the case as quickly as possible. You should not speak with the insurance before consulting with the Miami helicopter crash lawyers at Friedland | Carmona.

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