Birth Injury


The birth of a child is normally one of the most anticipated and exciting days for a family. Most families don’t imagine that their child will be born with a birth injury or defect. The Center for Disease Control reports that birth defects are the leading cause of death for infants in the United States. The Cleveland Clinic reports “two to three percent of live-born infants show one or more significant defects at birth.”

While most birth defects are the result of a genetic abnormality, many birth defects and injuries can be caused by a doctor’s negligence during the delivery of your child or the hospital’s failure to monitor your child in the days following birth. Unfortunately, many instances of fetal distress, one of the leading causes of birth defects, goes untreated by obstetricians during labor. Cesarean sections provide an additional risk to both the mother and child during labor. According to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) at Stanford, the use of forceps during delivery can lead to facial paralysis in which pressure on the child’s face during delivery causes the facial nerve to be injured and results in no movement on the side of the baby’s face when crying. If the nerve is torn, surgery may be necessary to correct this injury. A doctor can also cause nerve damage to your child during labor. Known as Brachial Palsy, this injury is often caused when the doctor has trouble delivering the baby’s shoulder. If the nerve is torn during the labor process, which can be caused if the doctor pulls too hard on one side of the baby, according to LPCH, permanent nerve damage can result.

If your child is born with an injury or defect you may have a claim against the doctor who delivered your child or the hospital where your child was delivered. The Miami medical malpractice attorneys at Friedland | Carmona are trained in handling birth injury cases and have successfully recovered for clients in these most difficult cases.

Exposure to certain environmental hazards can also be a cause of your child’s birth defect. Radiation exposure during the first three months of pregnancy can cause microcephlay (a small head), spina bifida, blindness or a cleft palate. Various types of prescribed medication can also cause birth defects, especially when prescribed during the first three months of pregnancy. You may have a claim against a doctor who prescribed you certain medications if those medications can be linked to your child’s birth deficit.

Bringing a birth injury or defect claim can be emotionally taxing on you and your family, but the attorneys and staff at Friedland | Carmona can help you through this difficult process.

Typically, when dealing with a birth injury or defect claim your child will need to be evaluated by specialized doctors and experts. Your child’s medical records need to be reviewed and expert witnesses need to be hired to offer their educated insight and review of the case as soon as possible. Time is of the essence in these cases and it is important that you hire a well-trained and experienced Florida Birth Injury Lawyer who knows local laws and will act immediately to protect your and your child’s interests.

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