ATM Accidents


Automated Teller Machines, also known as ATMs, are everywhere—at banks, gas stations, bars and restaurants, stores and on college campuses. Sometimes it seems as if there is one on every corner. ATMs are so abundant because they are necessary for everyday life. Many people are unable to make it to the bank during normal operating hours and ATMs allow for cash withdrawals and check deposits at any time of the day. However, not all ATMs are safe. While almost all bank ATMs at branch locations are equipped with surveillance cameras, many freestanding ATMs are not.

Florida law and the Bank Protection Act require that owners and landlords have minimal security that is expected to deter violent crime. The laws include ensuring that the area around the bank ATM is well lit, limiting the height of shrubbery surrounding the ATM and placing a mirror on the front of the ATM so patrons are able to see behind themselves. However, these minimal safety features are not applicable to non-bank ATMs. Additionally, there is no law mandating ATMs to have cameras; the law does, however, impose a duty on owners and landlords to ensure that their premises are safe. If an owner or landlord has reason to believe a crime will occur or is aware that a crime has occurred in the past, and he or she fails to provide adequate security, then he or she is liable for any injuries you have suffered while on the premises. ATMs are notorious crime spots, putting all owners and landlords on notice that there should be adequate security on their premises.

If you or a loved one has been victimized at an ATM as the result of negligent or inadequate security, you have the right to sue the owner or landlord of the unsafe premises as well as the ATM operator. If you have been injured in an ATM accident, the Miami injury attorneys at Friedland | Carmona can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, past and future lost earnings and pain and suffering. Call the Homestead personal injury lawyers at Friedland | Carmona as soon as possible to review the facts of your case and advise you as to what steps to take next. It is important to contact the attorneys as soon as possible before the owners of the property or the operator of the ATM alter the security measures on the premises in an attempt to avoid liability. The attorneys at Friedland | Carmona will fight to ensure you recover the compensation that is rightfully yours!

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