Coral Gables Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents are unpredictable and can have a devastating impact on everyone involved. No one ever imagines that they will be involved in an automobile accident that could change their life forever. However, each day, thousands of people are impacted by different kinds of car accidents. Automobile accidents have the ability to cause both emotional and physical injuries, including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries. If you or someone you love has sustained injuries in a car accident, contact the Coral Gables personal injury lawyers at Friedland | Carmona today. Our attorneys have spent over two decades ensuring that their automobile accident clients receive the compensation that they deserve. Jonathan Friedland has conducted hundreds of car accident trials and has negotiated hundreds of settlements with insurance companies. He has obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for his clients’ injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

While automobile manufacturers have been working to make their cars safer and to reduce the number of collisions due to product defect, car accidents and the injuries associated with them continue to exist in high numbers. Some of the most common causes of accidents, beyond product defect, are driving under the influence, distracted driving, and speeding. Friedland | Carmona is a Coral Gables law firm that helps victims of automobile accidents recover for injuries that they sustain as the result of someone else’s negligence. Jonathan Friedland and Michael Carmona both also handle wrongful death claims that arise as a result of a car accident.

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident, you must seek medical attention immediately for any injuries you suffered. It is important that your injuries are documented and that you get the medical attention necessary to start the treatment process. This documentation is important because after a car accident, you will likely have to speak with numerous insurance companies, including your own insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company. You should contact an attorney before speaking to any insurance company because insurance companies, including your own, may encourage you to settle for much less money than you deserve. Insurance companies are interested in settling claims as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Oftentimes, this is at odds with your own interests. The insurance companies do not necessarily take into consideration the settlement that you are entitled to. Under Florida law, all drivers are required to carry Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP, to cover any medical expenses that arise as a result of a car accident. Despite this requirement, most PIP insurance companies will take whatever steps necessary to avoid paying your medical expenses!

The car accident attorneys at the Friedland | Carmona are here to help you and your loved ones if you are ever involved in a Coral Gables car accident. The attorneys will work hard to ensure that you receive the compensation that you or your loved one deserves for injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If you or someone you love has been injured in an automobile accident that you believe was caused by another driver’s negligence, call Friedland | Carmona today for your free consultation and let our family take care of your family!