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Slip or trip and fall accident rarely make the news. However, they are one of the most common types of accident. Raised sidewalks, uneven steps, water puddles, and wobbly railings all pose risks that could lead to a slip or trip and fall accident. Property owners have a duty imposed by law to ensure that their property is safe from foreseeable dangerous conditions before allowing guests, licensees and customers to enter the property. Guests have a reasonable expectation that the property will be safe; and if the property is not safe, the guests have the right to hold the property owner liable for any injuries the unsafe condition caused them.

The lawyers at Friedland | Carmona have been dealing with slip and trip and fall accidents for over twenty years and have recovered substantial amounts of money for their clients. In one recent case, Broward attorney Jonathan R. Friedland recovered $493,000 for a client who slipped and fell in a Wal-Mart store. She suffered a torn ACL and a torn shoulder and required months of rehabilitation. In another instance, the Broward attorneys at Friedland | Carmona recovered a confidential six-figure settlement for their client. The client tripped over loose carpeting while working as a security guard and suffered torn cartilage in his knee and wrist, both of which required surgery to correct. If your accident required surgical or chiropractic rehabilitative care, call us today. The law places strict limits on when these cases can be brought, so it is important that you contact the personal injury lawyers as soon as possible!

When you contact Friedland | Carmona, the lawyers will meet with you discuss your options. The Broward personal injury lawyers will investigate the premises to prove that the owner knew of the dangerous condition, that the owner negligently allowed you on the premises and that you suffered an injury as a result of that dangerous condition. Following an accident, owners will often make substantial changes to the property to limit their liability. The sooner you call the Broward slip and fall lawyers at Friedland | Carmona, the sooner the investigation can begin; this gives owners less time to alter the property.

The personal injury attorneys at Friedland | Carmona believe that victims should not have to pay expenses incurred as a result of their accident, nor should victims have to suffer any setbacks to their quality of life. Often, after a slip or trip and fall accident, victims suffer broken bones or back problems, leaving them unable to work and without an income for a period of time. The Broward slip and fall lawyers are dedicated to helping victims recover compensation for their injuries, including medical expenses, past and future lost wages and any pain and suffering. Call or email Friedland | Carmona today and our fight for your recovery!

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